What Did We Learn in the 5th and 6th Week?

Heyo Scholars,

The purpose of this post is to remind everyone what we were working on in class during Week 5 and Week 6. Week 5 was the first week we came back after Hurricane Irma. The week was all about AICE Question Generation. Monday through Wednesday, each student crafted at least three possible AICE questions and found three sources for each question. There was no school on Thursday. Then, on Friday, each student was asked to decide which of their three questions would become their AICE question.

During Week 6, Lederberg and Kirk spent all of Monday and Tuesday conferencing with students to approve their possible AICE questions. These conversations were useful for Lederberg and Kirk because they allowed us to learn what everyone was thinking about their research projects. Work-In-Progress conversations like these will be crucial for student success this year, so please make sure you make a point to engage us in dialogue each week! On Wednesday, Kirk and Lederberg showed the Annotated Bibliography PowerPoint in class and explained the Annotated Bibliography Assignment (detailed below). On Thursday, Lederberg and Kirk explained the Outline Proposal Form assignment (also detailed below). We also posted the Research Log on Google Classroom. The Research Log is assessed as a part of the AICE Mark Scheme, so every student must make a point to write in it consistently. On Friday, students were given class time to read articles and write annotations, write their OPF, or write in their Research Log.

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What Did We Learn In The Third Week?

Heyo Scholars,

The purpose of this post is to discuss what we learned during the third week of our course. So let’s get to it right away.

On Monday, we debriefed as a class about the methods exploration lab and the methods homework assignment. You generated a lot of good questions that Lederberg and Kirk were able to answer for the entire class. As long as you continue to ask us questions when you are confused, we will be okay this year. Remember, if you do not tell us you are confused, then we will assume you are comprehending everything. Our job is to teach you, so do not hesitate to ask us for clarification. Double check that we have not already put the answer in writing somewhere and ask your peers first, but then ask us whatever questions still remain unanswered.

On Tuesday, we read the cell phone survey article together and annotated it. It was a very useful activity, and hopefully it made you feel more confident for the annotation session on Wednesday. Here are some of the pointers we provided for how to annotate an article:¬† Continue reading “What Did We Learn In The Third Week?”

What Did We Learn In The Second Week?

Heyo Scholars,

The purpose of this post is to provide an overview of what Week 2 was all about. So let’s not waste any time.

We began the week by viewing the Research Methods PowerPoint, which can be found on the ABOUT section of Google Classroom. In the PowerPoint, we mentioned the purpose of a literature review in an academic paper. Remember that a literature review is a recap of the past studies that have been conducted about a given topic. Researchers provide a literature review to help their readers understand the background information pertaining to their study. Essentially,  researchers use the literature review to build the gap for their readers and illustrate the need for their study.

The Method Section in a research paper is found after the literature review, and it is where the researcher will provide the WHAT, HOW, and WHY of their project. We highlighted how important it is for researchers to be specific enough that someone else could replicate their study. Researchers should answer all of your questions before you even ask them, and if they don’t defend certain parts of their method of data collection or data analysis, then you should make a note of that weakness. Continue reading “What Did We Learn In The Second Week?”

What Did We Learn In The First Week?

Heyo Scholars,

The purpose of this post is to provide you with a quick recap of everything we talked about in class during Week 1. So let’s get started:

During the first week of school, you reflected on some of the skills you gained in AP Seminar last year. It is important to know which skills you currently possess before we can talk about the skills you will be gaining this year.

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